Calf pain in cipro

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Patients who say they’ve suffered severe adverse reactions to a common antibiotic are ing for action to prevent others from experiencing a 'frhtening' number of alleged physical and mental side effects.

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The victims, who say they were poisoned by ciprofloxacin, want more research into the drug’s side effects, greater education of health professionals and clearer warnings for consumers.

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Actually, “a lot” is a pretty b understatement: we’ve been downrht flooded with the tales of drug-induced misfortune that have poured in through email, over the phone and by regular old snail-mail. The FDA responded to our lawsuit by slapping fluoroquinolones with a black box warning – the strongest warning the FDA can request.

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Popular antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones, which include Cipro and Levaquin, have been associated with a potential increased risk of ruptured tendons.

Calf pain in cipro:

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